And than there was 3

We were up to week 4 in the pregnancy and I woke up on Thursday morning feeling horrible. It was either a bad case of morning sickness or a vomiting bug (you don’t want to know the details). I feared the worst…was this going to be my pregnancy for the next 8 weeks or had something happened.

My doctors wanted to monitor my ovaries and make sure they were recovering from all the stimulation, so I was due to see him on the Friday. After telling him about the vomiting etc, he did another scan. He initially commented, “That’s looking really good” and showed me a little heart beat. It was an amazing feeling, hearing the heart beat. I was so relieved. That feeling soon disappeared and so did my fear of morning sickness for 8 weeks, when he said, “Ohhhhh”. My instant reaction was, “Are there twins?” He replied, “No, triplets”. My heart sunk. The doctor than went onto showing me all 3 heart beats and spoke about some of the logistics with having triplets (premature birth, higher risks etc). There was no programmed social norm for this reaction, so I was just silent. I didn’t know what to say or do, what questions to ask, I was just blank.

As soon as I walked out of the doctors survey I called Pat. He was out working and couldn’t really speak, although there wasn’t much to be said. We needed time to process this information. We had both dreamed about having a baby, just didn’t expect there would be 3. This wasn’t anything like what our dream looked like.

I couldn’t keep this secret to myself. I needed to tell someone, especially while Pat was away working. So we decided to call the family members via a conference call and tell them the news. There were 9 calls made. Everyone seemed pretty clued on as soon as we called together. They just weren’t expecting the bomb to drop. They all started out similar, “So we’ve got some news….and there’s more…”. The immediate support we got from our family reassured both of us. Not only did it start to become real, it was ok as we weren’t alone. In the weeks to come, the reality of having triplets sunk in.

2 thoughts on “And than there was 3

  1. Hey Em,
    LOVING your blog already. I’m really looking forward to following your journey, and I’m sure there are so many women (and men) out there in a similar situation who will get massive comfort from reading about your ups and downs.
    It’s crazy how many of my friends have been diagnosed w PCOS when they’ve started trying to get pregnant (so good you had a heads up before that point!) – and how many like you (and me!) for whom clomid does diddly-squat. I was like you and ended up on Gonal-f, pregnyl and ovidril to conceive both of mine. Lucky you get to have all that over and done with now!!
    Hope you’re feeling ok morning sickness wise and aren’t too tired. Rest up and accept all offers of assistance (including from interstate cousins-in-law 😊) and looking forward to reading more soon xx

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