Making a saving

It’s 6am on the second day of maternity leave and the first thing I do is reach for the computer to check emails. I clearly haven’t snapped out of my work routine yet. I’m sure it won’t take long. So now the emails are done, it’s no better time to write my next post.

So I’m 28 and half weeks pregnant with the trips. The past 2 weeks hasn’t been smooth sailing as I’ve had a chest infection, however we’re over the worst of it.  My amazing parents in law took me under their wing and looked after me. What would we do without family?!

Now it’s time to nest, organise and prepare for the triple threat. Some advice I’ve been given is not to buy too much, instead to get whatever I can second hand. It’s a little bit different to having one. We don’t need to make the investment for children following. It’s all in the one go. We also need to save every penny, just to give birth to them as the medical expenses are so much more than if we were to have one. So this blog is both to help the new triplet mums get organised for their new arrival in the most cost effective way possible and for those experience mums…what am I missing and what else could I do???

  • Car – bought a second hand Mazda CX9 which comes with 7 seats.
  • Cots – 3 second hand all painted freshly white with ikea mattress protectors and sheets.
  • Change table – 2 second hand ones. One for the babies room and one with a bath in it for the l’dry.
  • Storage – 2 x ikea shelving units with 12 Drona boxes (yes 12) of course in all neutral colours.
  • Feeding chair – my lovely mum must have foreseen I would have children one day and did up this chair for me which is now neatly placed in the babies room.
  • Clothes – THANK YOU sister in laws. I have 4 amazing sister in laws who have given us both boys and girls clothes. I might just need to purchase premmy clothes, however waiting for when they come out. Someone did tell me to just go on ebay and you can buy bulk clothes for whatever size you need.
  • Pram – 2nd hand from a triplet mum. This pram retails at $1600. Good news is there are always one popping up on Gumtree. Phew.
  •  Car seats – capsules hired from Kid Safe QLD.
  • Rockers – we’ve been given 2. You can hire these if you want too, as they only need them for a short period of time.
  • Baby carrier – given one.

So that’s it…what else do I need? I know I want to invest in a good nappy bag…any suggestions? What else do we need????? Breast pump, bottles…HELP.

I don’t want to sugar coat anything here. Whilst I have gotten off lightly with spending money on things, having triplets is still ridiculously expensive. Our medical expenses are so much more with the fortnightly doctors appointments from the beginning…now weekly, the scans (I’m up to my 5th today which cost $400 a pop), the extra hormones I have to have every night ($50 a week), the steroids and beyond. I guess if I can make a saving on materialistic things and so we aren’t stressing about money to ensure we get these babies out safely, we will make the saving.

Please add your comments below with any suggestions or ideas. I’m new to this! Thank you xox

15 thoughts on “Making a saving

  1. Em, you’ve totally got this!! You sound so organised – Give yourself a massive pat on the back.
    Two things I’ve found really good: bumbo feeding chair is excellent and much cheaper than highchairs plus portable. You could Prob get away w a bumbo and a highchair? Or two bumbos? See gumtree. Babies can sit in them heaps earlier than a regular highchair so you can sit them up while you do dinner / have a shower / need to use two hands to hold the other two!!
    Portacots are also really good – we use ours almost weekly – but in your case I’m guessing you probably won’t be venturing too far from home so it’s less something you’d use, just wanted to add it into the mix.
    Good to hear you’ve got loads of clothes – have you thought of doing a baby registry / similar for the other bits and pieces you still need?

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    1. Thanks lovely! We were sad we could come to the catch up on the weekend. One day we will be back haha.
      Thanks for those suggestions! That’s great. I totally forgot about portacots (especially useful when heading home or to the coast) and the bumbo
      How was the move? Xox


      1. Pretty smooth actually!! Thanks to loads of help from friends and family. Loving city living, although hopefully we’ll be out on a farm again in around two years

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    1. Ooh good call. My two also loved the ‘love to dream’ swaddle suits – really easy to use and both slept well in them as soon as they didn’t want to be wrapped any more (from about 4 weeks)

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  2. Em, you’re amazing! So organised.
    I have no helpful advice, but as always if there’s anything I can do to help from Perth, just holler 🙂
    Lots of love to you all xx

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  3. Take it easy & enjoy the moment – time goes by way too fast once they are all here!!! Also try to organize some volunteers to bring you dinners for the first month that the babies come home. A friend did this for us and it has been such a blessing not to have to worry about fixing dinner while you are adjusting to your new life!

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      1. Amazing!!! They were born on September 16th & came home on Tuesday. They are all big, healthy & happy. It’s a tremendous amount of work, but so worth it. We have them on a 3 hour feeding schedule, that was implemented in the NICU. We have had a few people suggest that we feed them on demand, but that can be a little difficult at this early stage.

        I am so excited for you! Your life will change in ways that you could never have imagined =)

        Feel free to message me if you have any questions or need any tips. I learn new things on a daily basis being around these 3 little men…


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      2. That’s amazing! Wow I can’t believe it. We’re so happy for you. I have got gone on maternity leave so slowly settling into doing nothing. I guess the calm before the storm (in a good way). I’m so
        Glad they are all healthy and happy!!

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