The biggest year of our lives

Poppy, Henry and Charlie are nearly one. Our triplets are nearly ONE!! What?! Huh! How has 12 months passed us by. Whilst it feels like these babies have been in our lives forever, it wasn’t that long ago we were just starting this adventure. It has no doubt been the biggest year of our lives. Its time to stop and take this moment in before another passes and I forget what it was all like.

Ok, I’ve had my token “time flies” moment and now it’s time to actually digest in 500words or less what has just happened. My last post was months ago and I was listing their 8 feeds a day routine. Nothing much has changed in regards to routine…it’s like clock work here. The biggest difference now is we are watching these little babies turn into toddlers. We aren’t just feeding, bathing and burping them. We are watching them learn, grow and find their unique personalities each day.

This is by far the most rewarding and hardest job we have ever done. It’s pretty obvious why it’s rewarding – you are teaching little innocent minds how to act and behave; how the world works; how to love and my god you get rewarded. You get these little humans look at you with such love and affection while they clap their hands or wave or say “mum-mum-mum, dad-dad-dad”. You instantly forget about everything else for those moments.

At the same time, this parenting business is so hard. Like any parent, we have had to become selfless and completely give ourselves to these little people that need us. Giving up work and my daily use of brain power was one thing, but also giving up some of our friends because their world is different to ours at this point in time. We have also had to change the way we exercise and do our hobbies (it’s now gardening, walking and the occasional circuit or run). The intensity of how hard parenting is was truly tested when they were sick. Wow, that made other days feel like a walk in the park. Sure you get the odd glimpse of your old life, but there is no denying, our world has changed.

We have not for one moment had to do it alone. We have had the amazing support of both our families and close, special friends to guide us and help us along the way. They are honestly our sanity.

Life is certainly good. Whilst we have our tough moment, days and even weeks…I constantly sit back and go wow, these three are all mine (I know that sounds a bit obsessive…I could be slightly). We have our first family holiday coming up next week at the beach, followed by their first birthday. A time to thank everyone and enjoy this moment. I will try and do a post more regularly…in the meantime I’ll write a bit about their routine for those interested.

xx Em

Feeding – At 12 months they’re on 3 bottles a day varying between 240ml to 60ml. They have them before breakfast, lunch and after dinner. They love their food and we have been incredibly blessed to have a donation by Bellamy’s Organic. Needless to say they are tracking along beautifully with their weight (between 11-12kg). They have 3 main meals a day and 2 snacks. They’re enjoying feeding themselves.

Sleeping – I’m so lucky with my little ones loving their sleep. They have 2 sleeps a day, one at 8:30/9am for an hour and a second at 12:30/1pm for 2 hours. Most of the time at least 2 do that…I sometimes have quality one on one time with the one that doesn’t feel like sleeping (Henry today). They go to bed at 6pm and wake between 5 and 6am.

Milestones – I actually can’t remember when they started sitting up. I’m going to have to look back on photos. It’s all a bit of a blur. Poppy started crawling at 10months corrected (11months) and Charlie has just started this week (11 months corrected). Henry is still very happy to be rolling around.

Activities – they love going outside; going for walks; rhyme time and SWIMMING! LOVE Swimming.

Not sure what else there is to fill the world on in my world of triplets…but if there is anything you want to know, please feel free to contact me. xo

5 thoughts on “The biggest year of our lives

  1. Yay- love the update, thanks Em. You and Pat (and both extended families!) have done a great job with raising the triplets. So great to see you guys the other weekend and very much looking forward to hearing how it all goes from here- onwards and upwards!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Em , such beautiful caring words. You & Pat are doing an amazing job. 3 very lucky little people to have such a caring family. Xx


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