Life goes on

It’s Thursday evening and I am just about to shut down my computer. Wait, there is just one more email. Oh it’s only to renew my subscription. Click…click…and an hour passes. Wow?! That happened. “Pat, we were feeding the kids 8 times a day/night and changing over 25 nappies per.”

The last time I posted was just before I started work. Is that saying something? I used this blog for stimulation, reaching out and to record that feeling/ memory before it disappeared. Wow it has certainly bought back the memory. So it’s time I captured the current moment before it disappears.

I have been back working for over a year. It has certainly provided balance, stimulation and a new level of coordination.

Someone once told me “it doesn’t get easier, it just becomes different”. I think this captures life perfectly now. Like any parents (working or not) we are still working round the clock on a routine. Coordinating drop offs, pick ups, lunches, washing whilst trying to ‘be present’ on those precious days at home/ master the current age. It certainly is a juggle. I aint the first person to do it and won’t be the last. But this is what I want to remember in the years to come…

  • Public transport is actually a blessing – it allows me 20minutes at the beginning and end of each day to sit, to read, to stare into space and not do a single thing. I LOVE PT.
  • Day dates are the biz! We have 2 awesome babysitters as well as amazing family on hand to call on for time out/ support. Pat and I can be so busy with work/ kids/ life that we forget about each other. I love our day dates…and being in bed by 9pm.
  • If they don’t eat, they ain’t hungry. I have stressed myself silly for the first part of the kids life trying to feed them healthy food or food. I guess this stems from the babes being premmies and needing feeds to grow. I would get so annoyed when they didn’t eat it and throw it on the floor “you ungrateful sod” but it’s taken time to figure out, if they’re hungry, they will eat. I now cook things that I like, so if they don’t eat it, I will.
  • Ask for help! At about 16months we went through a shocking period. Luckily this was closely followed by an 18month check up where I found out about Queensland’s Health ‘Circle of Security’ program.  We have had 8 hectic, but so invaluable sessions with a child health psychologist teaching us about being a parent. It’s seriously saved us. I highly recommend it.
  • Scrambled eggs for dinner takes 10mins to make and is our favourite meal. It’s on high rotation in our house.
  • It’s no secret, but wine is the key to a happy marriage. For nothing else, but it makes us stop.
  • Sleep will happen…apparently in their teenage years. For the kids…big beds have provided us with 7am sleep ins…yep our kids aren’t coming to us until 7am in the morning. Next is teaching them to make breakfast.
  • I never thought I would say this after I had the babies (another mouth to feed), but I love our dog! He gives me an excuse to go walking or running every morning. So selfless of me (wink wink). He also is the most patient puppy with the trio. Henry adores Louie.

As for Poppy, Henry and Charlie, well they are the best. They live life so hard. They have such strong emotions “I need mummy” or “NO mummy”; sing like drunken sailors (daisy, daisy); stress when one is missing, for a second and are the greatest of mates. They know how to pose for a camera “chhheeerrrrs, ok”. Charlie is a biter. Poppy asks “whose that” for EVERYTHING. They are obsessed with whose at the door when there is no one there…”whose there” for every noise and tell us about noisy cars driving past. We even have a family handshake which we do every night – high 5, fist pump, finger, elbow, nose, thanks to swimming lessons. Oh and yes, we take 1 a week to swimming lessons. All 3 didn’t work.  They have pushed us to the absolute edge. But they have given Pat and I the greatest purpose in life.

I guess what I am discovering is that we are in a good place while I write this blog. I could be one bad night sleep away from that…but right now, life is good and that’s a memory I want to record. I might keep my subscription for one more year…until then. xx